The Hour Room is open:

    Monday-Thursday: 10:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

    Friday: 10:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

    Saturday: 10:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

    Sunday: 10:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

No. Scheduling a booking online is the only way and must be booked at least 2 hours prior to game time. Please note that our business maybe closed if there are no games scheduled. 

We are locate at 1027 Sixth Avenue San Diego, CA 92101. Right across from the House Of Blues, underneath the Baseball Card sign, there is a black door that says The Hour Room.

Unfortunately it is not. The players will have to go down a flight of stairs upon arrival. There is no elevator.

The maximum capacity for a room is 12 people.

Your ENTIRE TEAM will need to arrive on your reserved booked time to check-in. We will not refund/reschedule people who are late or a no-show. PLEASE BE ON TIME!!! You will not be allowed into the premise until it is your booked time. The game takes a maximum of an hour, and the next guests will be booked in straight after, so unfortunately if you are late it will take valuable minutes off your game time, minutes that could cost your success! And you'll need all the time you can get for escaping! We would advise you to get directions here in advance. You can find a map and directions in the location link of this page or If you get lost, call this number (619) 732 6886 and we'll give you instructions of how to find us.

Reading and counting is all that is required to solve the puzzles; all necessary information is provided in the room. Excessive force is not needed in the room. Crawling, climbing onto objects/furniture and lifting heavy objects is not required. 

NO cell phones, cameras, flashlights and any other electronic devices are allowed. Our staff will immediately stop the game and ask you to leave if you attempt to use one. Upon arrival, the staff will ask you to deposit your electronic devices into a safe place. You will get them back at the end of the game.

Of course. To cancel your appointment, the easiest way is by using the confirmation email you've got when you made the booking and use the cancellation link. If you can't use the cancellation link, send us a message to with your name and the time of your booking and we will do it for you. All modification/cancellations are subjected to terms and conditions agreed upon initial booking.

In order to receive 100% refund, all bookings must be cancelled more than 24 hours in advance. Any cancellation within 24 hours of the scheduled game time will lead to forfeiting 100% of the booking value. You may reschedule your appointment for another time/day (considering availability) for $25 rebooking fee. See "RESCHEDULE POLICY" for more information.

You may reschedule your booking at no charge if made more than 24 hours in advance from your scheduled booking time. A $25 fee applies for reschedules made less than 24 hours in advance. No bookings can be rescheduled within 8 hours from the scheduled game time and will result into cancellation of your booking. Contact The Hour Room with using text (619-732-6886) or email ( for any questions.

We will hold the reservation for no later than 20 mins post your game time, after this point, all reservations will be canceled automatically without a refund and you will not be able to reschedule.


To make a reservation, please visit our booking page and then find in the calendar a free slot around the date and time you would like to come and simply book your adventure online. You will get an automatic confirmation to your e-mail.

All minors between the age of 14 and 18 have to be accompanied by an adult of 25+ at check-in for waiver signing.

All minors below the age of 14 have to be accompanied by an adult of 25+ at check-in for waiver signing, and during the game itself.

Please note that some of the puzzles are NOT suited for very young children. Also there are no accommodations for babies on the premises.

The games are designed for maximum of 12 people at a time, so for the sake of gameplay we would not recommend more players. If you have a special request (teambuilding etc.), please send us an e-mail. 

Just comfortable clothes. You will not have to run, wriggle or lay down.

The game is not about scaring, it is all about solving puzzles to find your way out. There won't be any actors scaring you.

Note* If you have any additional questions then please feel free to email us at