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The Hour Room is located in downtown San Diego, at the corner of Sixth and Broadway (located in the basement of the Baseball Collectible store). The door is on the right when facing the store.

Metered Parking:

Metered spots are available in the surrounding streets. You can park for free in these spots after 6 p.m. or 8 p.m., depending on the zone. On Sundays and major holidays all metered spots are free.  Finally, certain meters can be paid using an online app (Park Smarter, park mobile, etc). That's handy in case you need to purchase more time.

Parking Lots:

Horton Plaza parking structure is within a few blocks from our location.


The Hour Room

1027 Sixth Avenue

San Diego, CA 92101

+1.619.732.6886 (Texting Available) (Preferred Method)


All reservations are booked online.