Greetings customers, In order to reduce COVID-19 risk we have decided to make a few changes to our business:All games will be made private free of charge.   Everything will be sanitized between each game to assure your safety. Gloves are available upon request.
This video is for promotional purposes only. This is not the actual room.

The Hour Room - One of San Diego's Largest Escape Room!

Providing a fully interactive and immersive experience, our puzzles are designed to make you think on your feet in clever and inventive ways. Be alert and be quick because all you have is 60 minutes.

Our escape room, the "Abandoned Basement", is one of the largest and best reviewed in San Diego. Come check it out!



Up to 3 players: $99 Fixed Price

4-7 players: $39 per person

8-12 players: $35 per person

*The entire party must book at once to get these pricing. 

*All games must be booked at least 2 hours prior to game time

*Minimum 4 player booking required for Saturday.

The Hour Room Escape Games offers a unique/realistic story and atmosphere. Make your way through various puzzles and riddles to complete the mission.

You will have 60 minutes to solve the mission, our game master will guide you through the story and rules, and then the escape room game begins.

Friends, family, colleagues? The Hour Room Escape Games is suitable for everyone who likes riddles, mysteries and adventure.



The Hour Room takes on the task to organize indoor company team buildings. In order to escape from our room, strong cooperation and shared thinking is inevitable. The escape room game can be a key to ease the stress of the workdays. To complete the tasks within the time limit, groups with good team work is needed, therefore the approximately 1 hour escape room game can forge a good team bond between the members.